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Brian Hollingworth - Moon Gazing Hare Sculpture 'How high the moon?' -Bronze Resin Garden Sculpture

garden hare in exhibitiongarden hare in wild meadow

Available Garden Hare Sculpture Size 58cms high 26 cms wide 35cms deep

 Pictures show the sculpture of the hare situated in a wild meadow in Beaulie Sculpture Trail Exhibition


Price £395         Numbered Edition of 30         Signed card with every sculpture         Email or phone for delivery     To Buy

 Large sculpture of a Moon Gazing Hare. This exciting sculpture suitable for display in a garden or conservatory is now ready and available to buy. The pictures below show some of the stages of making the clay sculpture. Brian Hollingworth has frequently been asked to make a 'Moon Hare' animal sculpture for the garden and decided to make this sculpture also available in bronze resin. The Moon Hare has been cast by a fine art casting in high quality bronze resin. It can also be commissioned in foundry bronze.

brian making a share sculpture> Symbolism of the Hare  ( Information about the hare in myth )

In the picture, Brian Hollingworth is working on the clay original,

constructing a moon gazing hare sculpture suitable for casting in bronze resin

 The moon gazing hare has been supported by an internal armature.

 This enables Brian Hollingworth to work on a larger scale of animal sculpture.

 The armature inside gives a firm foundation as the weight of the clay is

added to the hare sculpture.

Brian Hollingworth has been making sculptures of hares for many years.

 An early small sculpture proved very successful and showed that he was not alone in his live of hares.

They continues to fascinate him and so the sculptures develosame time not lose the immediacy of the clay surface.

bronze resin harehare sculpture bronze resihare sculpture

mould moulding processre.moulding process Themoulding anatomy of the hare is suggested in the form and an understanding of the muscular under structure is apparent in the sculpture. This will all be enhanced in the final bronze cast.

 The casting process.

The hare sculpture has been cast in a mixture of bronze powder and resin. In the mixture there has been a small addition of copper to highlight the surface in the patination process,

The final  patination brings out the quality of the bronze resin sculpture. The sculpture is 18kg heavy and suitable for garden or interior display. It is weatherproof and frost proof



bronze resin hare resin bronze hare

Ready at last.........We are delighted !

These pictures show the Moon Hare having just been cast in cast in bronze/copper resin.

Thanks for your patience......everyone who has been in touch with us will have the first opportunity to buy .....

Price £395     -  Size 58cms high 26cm wide 35cm deep

Price does not include delivery costs

This is a limited edition sculpture Edition of 24

Can  also be commissioned in foundry bronze.

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For further information about the Moon Gazing Hare sculpture - contact Brian Hollingworth  0115 9262430 or email brian@animal-sculpture.co.uk


rhinosaurus sculpturesculpture of a crouching hareelephant ceramic animal sculpturehorse animal sculpture lying hare animal sculpturesitting black bearanimal sculpture.

                   Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook