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 Traditional Fine Art Foundry Bronze Animal and Wildlife Sculpture

Brian Hollingworth accepts commissions for animal sculpture to be cast in foundry bronze.

 This is a high quality method of making fine art sculpture that has been used throughout the history of sculpture. It is the traditional method of casting sculpture using the lost wax process.

This method dates back 6000 years. The modern foundry has the advantage of technological advances but the methods used are essentially the same.

The sculptor makes the original piece of work from which a mould will be made. Brian Hollingworth belongs to the long tradition of sculptors working in clay.

He uses an armature to build the sculpture upon. This firm base allows him the freedom the construct the sculpture using clay.

Making a Sculpture in Bronze - Stages of Making

Design and Sketches

cockerel sketchcockeral sketch


Before a design is agreed with a client, Brian Hollingworth sketches ideas for consideration.

These are working drawings that will by the artist to learn the anatomy and form. This is an essential stage in creation of any sculpture.

The sketches show the cockerel in two poses .

Brian used photographs provided by the client. gradually an agreement was reached upon the position the final sculpture of the bantam cockerel would take.

 Making the Sculpture in Clay

cockerel sculpture


 The picture shows some of the construction methods used when making a clay sculpture.

A metal armature has been screwed onto a wooden base. Around this armature a supporting structure has been made.

Upon this the clay is applied and modeled. Wire can be seen curved to support the rear tail feathers.

Upon the wall behind a montage of pictures have been displayed. These pictures together with the sketches will be used by Brian Hollingworth as he continues the work.

 It is this close attention to detail that will give the sculpture of the cockerel the life that is needed to create a piece of fine art sculpture.

  The Original Clay Sculpture 

clay cockerel

The bantam cockerel sculpture nearing completion of the clay modeling stage. The feathers are now in place the head and comb fixed and detailed.

 A subtle texture indicates the feathers. The tail feathers are resplendent in all their glory.

Notice the bubble wrap encasing the legs and feet. Everything must be kept damp to retain the same consistency of the clay. Any drying will cause cracks to appear !

 The finished clay is transported to the foundry where it will be encased in silicone rubber to make the mould. This mould is further encase to maintain its shape.


Wax Casting from the Silicone Mould 

wax of cockerel


 Using the silicone rubber mould a wax copy of the sculpture is cast. This is always a crucial stage of the process.

All the detail must have been captured in the wax. Some slight alterations are possible at this stage and sculptors usually visit the foundry to inspect and correct any fine details.

The wax is then encased ready for the final casting in bronze,

 This sculpture was cast by Pangolin editions and the encasing is done by layering on the casing material by hand.

This maintains the exact detail of the original wax. The encasing is done with consummate care and skill.

    Casting the Bronze Sculpture - Pouring the Molten Bronze


casting bronze

 The final pouring of the molten bronzer is  the most exciting stage in the creation of a bronze sculpture.

This potentially  dangerous final stage is the culmination of the skills of both the sculptor and the foundry,

The picture was taken at Pangolin Foundry and shows the team of casters working together. The bronze has been heated to such a high temperature that it has become molten and fluid.

 The molten metal is tilted and poured into the encased sculpture. The heat of the metal releases the wax and takes it's place within the encased mold.

The ancient skills of creating bronze sculpture are brought into our modern age with consummate skill.

 The Final Sculpture - After Patination

    bronze cockerel bronze cockerelbronze cockerel

cockerel headcockerel tail


All enquiries Tel 0115 9262430        or email    bhsculpture-web@yahoo.co.ukhsculpture-web@yahoo.co.uk

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