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Brian Hollingworth -  Cockerel Sculpture for the Garden

Brian Hollingworth was commissioned to make a sculpture of a bantam cockerel to be cast in foundry bronze.

 Before he made the cockerel sculpture, he decided to have fun and make a cockerel to be later cast in bronze resin.

The cockerel pictured is the result. A lively cockerel sculpture suitable for display in a garden. Available to buy now.

    cockerel in garden sculpture cockerel sculpture sited on plinthcockerel sculpture side view

Sunrise Swagger

When the cockerel sculpture was finished Brian Hollingworth thought about titles. 'Sunrise Swagger ' sums the sculpture up.

 The cockerel struts across the garden full bombast and confidence

The sculpture of  Bantam Cockerel is cast in bronze resin and is available for sale.

This sculpture is 56cms high

To enquire use the contact page

Making this cockerel sculpture

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                   Pictures of Brian at work shown on Facebook