Hollingworth Bronze Sculpture - Sculptures of Wildlife and Animals
Animal and Wildlife Sculptures for Home and Garden in Bronze, Bronze Resin and Bronze Glazed Ceramic                     

How to Commission

Brian Hollingworth's animal and wildlife sculptures are often ordered with a specific site in mind, whether in the home or garden.

 Sometimes it may be  for a special present or occasion. A limited amount of work is available from the studio - see pages available work - all other work is commissioned.

close up gorilla sculpture

Brian  will also work with a client upon the design, suggesting the form a animal sculpture may take, listening carefully to the client's ideas and designing with the person.

 Commissioning a sculpture is a way of being involved in creating a special piece of work.

This early stage of consultation is most important. Brian wants the final sculpture to be both aesthetically pleasing and and fulfill all expectations.

Once a sculpture has been agreed between the sculptor and commissioning client a deposit is required to book Brian Hollingworth's time

Throughout the process you are kept informed with emailed pictures of the work as it develops.

 anteater sculpturegerman wirehaired making

making a gorilla sculpturehare making

This is an important part of the process of commissioning a sculpture. Brian wants you to be involved and see the sculpture as it  develops

sitting hare sculpturegolf club cockerel

 An important consideration when deciding upon a sculpture is where it will be sited. This is especially important if  a sculpture is to be displayed in the garden.

  A carefully chosen garden sculpture should enhance a garden, giving emphasis to both the garden design and plantings. An outside sculpture cannot be considered as separate

surroundings. In a garden the sculpture relates to everything around it - the weather, the light, vegetation, the views from different positions.

 Be prepared to change your mind once you receive the animal sculpture.

 It is to become part of the life of the garden - like all things in life it will have its own presence -

Be flexible and the sculpture will find exactly the right site to be enjoyed by all who visit and enjoy the garden.

orangutan sculpture

Orangutan Sculpture

What subject will look good in my garden?

 Animal sculpture will be in harmony with most gardens - it should be an equal partner contributing to the whole natural environment.

Scale is important when choosing animal sculpture that will fit into the layout of the garden. The animal needs to look right as if it belongs and has always been there.

 A recent commission for an orangutan to be placed in a fountain is a good example of this. The client had one of those awkward corners on a terrace  that needed 'something'.

 When visiting Brian Hollingworth's studio, he spied an orangutan sculpture that Brian had made some time ago.

The young orangutan was hiding under a leaf and had a very doleful expression. The client created a small pool and the garden sculpture was carefully placed there.The pump runs under the sculpture and water builds up in the leaf and drips over the face of the orangutan.

 The picture shows how successful this imaginative idea worked out. The right sculpture in the right place


rhinosaurus sculpturesculpture of a crouching hareelephant ceramic animal sculpturehorse animal sculpture lying hare animal sculpturesitting black bearanimal sculpture.

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